Disappearing Eastend


London is a pulsing city. What was here a month ago could be different or already GONE.

If you won’t follow the fashion you might struggle, or sooner or later you’ll be out of the area.

East End has the speed now. Houses, people on the street are changing. Places, where we use to go eat are overlooked or canned as nice artefacts of the past.

I have photographed places around Bethnal Green Road like is Gina’s restaurant is open only on Sundays and serving literally only breakfast and SIMPLY black or white tea or coffee.

Pie & Mash opened for three generations with pictures of many famous boxers on the wall AND Beigel shop on Brick Lane open 24 Hours and employs ALL NATIONALITIES. This exhibition shows that there are still places with pride, hard work, and UNIQUENESS!

Places strong enough to stay same for YEARS.

Maybe now seen like blurred memories.