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Part of NEW POETIC CINEMA at International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2022

Created for Jihlava Academy 2021
Film Villanelle followed by a structure of a poem.
Made by Tera Pechmannova
Thank you to Khavn De La Cruz who got us to the festival.

If you don’t know. Recycle!

Trailer for the video about 7 people who for the first time crossed the Atlantic ocean on a sailing boat. These seven managed to recycle all the way and proved that is not that difficult. Thank you to Johan, Gary, Aria, Muriel, Hadassa and Alex for being there and let me film you.



San Francisco Movement Art Festival returns with its seriously cool winter festival, a celebration of the past year of dance and the beginning of the new. Throughout the cathedral, inside and out, experience “stations” of simultaneous performances by over 100 local artists

Paintings: John Ligda and Juliet Sikora

Be careful what you wish because that might happen!

Come down for the last show in London /at least for this year/.

Exhibition opening Friday 25th August for 2 weeks.

“Often the dream requires the imagination but honestly, do you think that is it? Bravery is the most important I would say as there is nothing more difficult than facing your dream as a reality. See differences, face your experiences. Two ports symbolise two different personalities. Open minded and the focused one. Without judgement which one you should prefer I am trying to illustrate the difference between the dream and the following reality. Good luck.”