Natural teleport

Everyone has a place they would like to run and hide from the world.

Sometimes I would love to jump out from my bubble..

To find and explore some unknown super world.

Maybe along the river, in the middle of an ocean or in a deep forest.

You emerge feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Have you ever dreamed about teleport?

This transportation should you bring into the forest.


As soon as you enter, you will know that everything around you is below a rainbow and at the same time, inhabitants of the forest will see you as a relocating hologram.

This ensures a real feeling of teleportation.

Have a nice journey.

I would like to show the possibility of using computer technology in another way than just sit in front of the screens and often wasting our time. So I broke about fifty computer screens, I removed the parts which the teleport is created from because it is possible to bring the viewer into the woods and pointed out how important it is to see the world around real and tangible.




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