Teleport in RED Gallery

Don’t you wish for a secret place where you could run to and hide from the world? Sometimes we would love to jump out from our bubbles… to a teleport.

As soon as you enter, you will see that everything around you is below a rainbow and at the same time the inhabitants of the forest will see you as a relocating hologram. You emerge feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Have you ever dreamed of teleport? This means of transportation should lead you into the deep forest.

A real feeling of teleportation is guaranteed….

Here’s the story of Tera’s Teleport, which started with innocent playing when she was disassembling an old computer. The device which captures the moment of relocation.

The moment you enter, the teleportation effect begins and you get lost in the illusion of magic.

It’s almost like a computer game but recycled from broken computers. The idea is not to use a computer as such, but its waste. Day in, day out, humans use computers for work, but also for fun. Often we waste a lot of time surfing the Internet. She believes these pastimes are worth nothing compared to spending time with friends, education or just touching base with reality.

Tera also gathered about ten trees from around the river Lea and deployed them around the teleport. From the perspective inside, the traveller lands on a forest, a levitating forest.

Tera’s little nudge.

No trees were harmed in the making of the Teleport. Tera took them when they were withered. The branches used to belong to the species Fallopia Japonica. They are considered weeds. Tera chose these deliberately because they are very similar to the poisonous Hogweed, but these are nontoxic.

The soundscape was inspired by a forest walk after the rain. The music was composed by Oskar Lehar exclusively for this event.

Gorilla Perfumes provided a perfume called the Bug to complete the installation.